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I added this page
Courtemanche Custom Designs
offered to let me borrow
her own creations so that I
could make it easier for you
WEBTV Users to grab
them for your pages!
Of course I am so excited
about this!!!
Use any and all of the
graphics you want...
but please give
Courtemanche Custom Designs
the credit for them!! Stop by and visit her pages.. .they are truly beautiful!!! Thanks Shawnee!!!!
Please make sure you take them to
The Transloader
Also, please visit her page
and if you find something
you like there that I don't have here..
Email Me
and I will add it to my page for you to grab!!
OK now on to the graphics!!
This page is mostly hearts
and there are alot of them
and may take a little bit
to load...please be patient
because it certainly is worth
the wait!!!!
I promise!!
P.S If you like the background
on this page
and you want to use it,
Email Me
and I will send you the URL! Thanks!

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Valentine Gifs

Valentine Backgrounds
Bars, Lines and Dividers

Valentines' that say something